6 - 8 November


Who can attend?

Freelancers, hackers, geeks, students, employees and talented individuals with interest in IT, from CoderDojo kids to senior engineers. Designers are also warmly welcome.

What does the ticket include?

We will provide you access to the event, food & beverage, HackTM T-shirt & swag, the chance to win awesome prizes & lots of fun!

How big should the teams be?

We are encouraging people to attend in teams of up to 5 members but if you are a tough lonely rider, you can act by yourself! If you don't have a team we can help you join one at latest in the day of the event. A mixing pot, where you can announce your availability and check other's needs, will be available.

What can we build?

This will be a de-focused hackathon. We expect your ideas will fit in one or other of the tracks. If not, we are ready to dedicate a special corner to the most exotic, impossible-to-clasify, hacker species!

HackTM 2015 will have 6 development tracks:
City Projects

Open data to change our city into a smart one. We challenge the developers to join Smart City track, so we can work together in finding and building smart software solutions that will improve people’s lives in big or small cities.
Stay tuned for project proposals for this track!

Interested, but want some examples? The project proposals are in!

The goal of this track is to provide participating teams opportunities to design and rapidly engineer various projects like digital automotive user interfaces and HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces) with real-life tools.

If you want to provide genuine, innovative tech solutions to solve global health issues, the eHealth track is dedicated to you.
Game Development

Games always have a special place of their own when it comes to Software development. Whether you are interested in desktop, browser or mobile games, we will address all these possibilities and have a good time and fun doing it.

If you are focused on IOT, hardware or you are interested in web, mobile, graphic design, etc., our mentors are willing to help you develop your ideas and make sure your code is ready for production.

Still don't know what to build? Here are a few ideas!
Junior League Coding

We’ll have a special track dedicated to our ninjas who are still enrolled in secondary school or high-school, but if they want and can contribute, they can also join teams and grown-ups groups registered in any of the other tracks.

What should I bring?

Laptop & charger. Your preferred slippers and coffee mug. Not too many bandwidth-eating devices. Maybe even your sleeping bag.

Is there any food provided?

Definitely yes! We'll have a blood sugar level measuring protocol and we'll strive to keep it in the optimal range. Not with IV glucose, but with pizza, chicken, fries, cookies, etc.

What programming language can I use?

Whatever programming language you want.
We'll reward the participant proving he/she's the only one proficient in a specific programming language.

My question is not on this list.
Who can I contact?

On location, ask the gals and guys signaled as mentors (they're geeky and roaming around the place, you'll notice them). Online, send us an email, we'll reply ASAP.


What's this hacktm anyway?

HackTM is the Timișoara super-sized software & hardware development hackathon aiming to mobilize as many as possible of the local (and visiting) people and organizations active in IT & tech industries.

When and where, are you wondering?

Between the 6th and the 8th of November, 2015.
@Heaven Event Venue in Timișoara

More details in this awesome map. If you're driving here, it's best to take the southern route.

So what's the plan?

//Friday, 6.11
18:00 { Registration
19:00 Grand Opening
18:45 Break
20:00 Project Pitching for new Teams / Hacking Kick-Off for established Teams
//Saturday, 7.11
12:00 Lunch
18:00 Dinner
//Sunday, 8.11
11:00 Jury Interviews
12:00 Lunch
16:30 Dinner
17:30 Presentation of Finalists
18:30 Awards
20:00 };

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5 reasons to hit that button and join us!

Pasion for coding

HackTM is the perfect place for all of you, tech passionates, to challange your skills or develop new ones, while being in touch with the latest buzz of the IT world.
A lot of awesome swags/goodies

We will provide you with access to the event, food & beverage, HackTM T-shirt & swags and the chance to win awesome prizes!

You will be able to share your wisdom and pick the minds of awesome people like yourself, in a safe tech enviroment that includes experienced mentors and dedicated coders.
Awesome Projects

We know that your imagination can be limitless and might create some stunning projects. This is your chance to discover other ideas and enhance the value of yours.

Many talented minds working together will posses great power, so put your excellent ideas together and incorporate them into mind-blowing projects.

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